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        Qinhuangdao Rongsheng glass processing Co. Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qinhuangdao, is a professional production of hollow copper mosaic art glass, glass, iron cabinet door glass, polished glass, hollow glass, tempered glass, steel doors, metal doors and windows integrated enterprise.

        The company is the predecessor of the Qinhuangdao glass processing factory, was founded in 2001, is the earliest one of the glass mosaic production enterprises. Companies rely on the strong technical advantages of Qinhuangdao glass industry, the use of vast domestic and foreign markets, has been rapid development. Annual sales reached 15 million 600 thousand yuan, exports $800 thousand.

        Companies always adhere to the "customer first, quality first, create brand" business philosophy. Products in the country enjoy a high degree of visibility. Company brings together high-quality technology and management personnel, training and training personnel, for the development and growth of enterprises to inject fresh blood.

        After many years of hard work and hard work, with good quality and service to win a good reputation. Looking to the future, we will, as always, return the trust and support of our customers with good faith, to create a more beautiful products, for you to create a perfect living space.



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